5 Ways to Clean Up Your Closet This Spring


Spring is coming soon which means all new styles. Spring is the time for shopping so if you haven’t check out our guide to shopping.

It’s also the time of year to do some cleaning. Today I can some tips on how to clean your closet. Yes, it’s time to clean that closet that is full of clothes you will never even knew you have. Here are 5 ways to clean your closet.

TIP #1: I know cleaning isn’t fun but you can make it more enjoyable by playing your favorite songs and by bring a friend to help you out.

Cleaning your closet:

  1. Take everything out:The first step to cleaning out your closet is to take everything out.

 2. Sort:Go through all your stuff and sort them into 3 categories: toss,donate,keep.

Toss is what you are going to throw out, donate is what items you don’t wants that are in good condition that you can give away and keep is what you will be keeping.

TIP #2: To help you  decide what you shouldn’t keep follow the one year rule, If there is a piece of clothing you have not wore in a year toss it away or donate it.

3. The mystery boxes: Yes, we all have those in your closet full of things we don’t even know. Now it’s time to open those boxes that you have in your closet. Repeat step 1 and

 4. Take a break: go get a drink of water and grab a snack! You are almost done!

 5. Organize: Now after you have figured out what you are going to keep, its time to organize your closet.

There you have it 5 ways to clean up your closet!  Have more tips that you would like to share? Comment them below!

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