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Ph: @meg

Passionate, fun and classic, last week we had a chat with Meghan Kinney of Meg and we learned more about her style and her story.

Ph: @meg

Meg opened her first store in 1994 in New York, in the east village, and today she has 5 stores in New York between Brooklyn and Manhattan. A twenty-year love affair with fashion, combined with hard work and dreams, Meg stores are a great landmark for all of the women that look for comfortable clothes or “classics with a twist of individuality”.

Ph: @meg

Meg’s interview:

  1. How did you start this incredible fashion journey? Which is the first store you opened?

  •    “The first store was in the east village in 1994. I was starting my brand selling my pieces to other stores and then I had this epiphany one day if I opened a store I could sell my stock direct, meet my clients, and build my own brand identity. I chose the village because at the time I didn’t have any competition and that is how it all began!”

2. What’s your background?

  •    “I grew up in a clothing store (my mom had a boutique as well as my grandmother). I found my love in making clothes when I was a teenager in Canada (where she is from n.r.d.) In pursuing my passion, I came to New York, went to fashion school and followed my dream”.

3. What inspires you?

  •    “My inspiration comes from a huge desire to make what I want to wear, my lifestyle and visual culture at large. It could be about practicality (I’m a working mother), a fashion moment or historical style, a painting and importantly listening to my customers’ needs.”

4. Do you have any best-selling pieces in your collection that you always manufacture?

  •    “Yes, those pieces and collection grow and change over time everything from my two for one (perfect for holidays, weddings) to my skinny pant (which is a classic high waist and skinny leg).”

5. What’s your favorite item?

  •    “My favorite item is the jumpsuit because it’s easy and functional. My goal from my work is creating classic pieces that are comfortable. The goal is to get dressed in the morning and have that look carry you through the whole day.”

6. How would you define your style?

  •    “It is classic with a twist of individuality and always a bright lip.”

7. What’s the theme of the current AW ‘17collection? How do you start to create a collection?

  •    “Space, astronaut. There is more on our blog about the collection. The season usually starts with a fabric that I like or maybe I see something or something happens that makes me follow that direction.”

8. What’s the constant element in your collection?

  •    “The through line is always a ballet dancer. Great shoulder and low-back.”

9. Do you work with a coolhunter?

  •   “I am my own cool hunter. We converse with and listen to our clients every day, we are not coolhunting, we are listening. And we tailor, everybody’s body is their own and every item of clothing should be made to be your own.”

10. How many pieces do you usually make?

  •    “Every season has 60 to 75 pieces. You can find everything in each of my stores and online.”

11. What’s your favorite color?

  •    “My daughter always asks me that! It’s salmon!”

12. Why didn’t you make anything in that color?

  •    “Because nobody likes it!” – A: “I personally love it!!!”

Meg Shops:

      • UES/Lexington – 1038 Lexington Ave
      • East village – 312 E 9th St
      • West village – 69 8th Ave
      • Williamsburg – 54 N 6th St
      • Boerum Hill – 358 Atlantic Ave

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